About Us

Our Mission

We purpose to transform lives through education and to equip our students to be leaders of tomorrow.

We Believe

We aim to provide distressed children a second chance in education.

We Mentor

We strive to provide academic support and mentoring for each and every of our students.

Our Introduction

We endeavor to provide support for Homeschoolers or students seeking an alternative and more holistic curriculum.

Learning is individualized to suit each and every student’s pace. Every student is encouraged to learn more actively and independently, and nurtured to love learning that stays with them throughout their lives.
We are currently using The Accelerated Christian Education program developed by the School of Tomorrow from the USA.

The program includes an academic course (with English, science, social studies and Math as the core subjects) built on a theistic philosophic foundation. The program goes beyond simply helping students learn the academics required to enter college (ie. grade 12 or ‘A’ level). Its purpose is to build a life-long burning passion to learn and grow spiritually. It has been in the US for more than 35 years and has been used extensively by Homeschoolers.

Student counseling and mentoring also form part of our method to ensure students perform at their best without being bogged down by problems and stresses in life.

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