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The School of Tomorrow® curriculum adopts a method that promotes self-aware learning. The focus is on student’s learning rather than teacher’s teaching. Teachers or educators are referred to as Supervisors, and classrooms are referred to as Learning Centres. A Learning Centre is headed by one Supervisor who is assisted by one or more Monitors (Administrative assistants or teacher aides) or another Supervisor. The School of Tomorrow requires a minimum staff to student ratio of 1:15.

A Supervisor is a professional staff member who answers academic questions, administers diagnostic and achievement tests, and inspires and motivates students to perform at maximum potential and tutors one on one. A Monitor is an aide to a supervisor, who checks goals, records attendance, observes student behaviour, answer non-academic questions, files materials, and helps motivate students to their optimum.

Our staff members are chosen based on their individual merits, educational background, life experience, and a heart for children and youth.

Members, Qualifications and Scope of Supervision

Rodney Chua Kea Chaw

Bachelor of Science,
National University of Singapore.
Master in Business Administration,
University of Hull (United Kingdom).
Course Deployment: American High School Diploma Curriculum Grade 1 to Grade 12

Margery Niraimathi Angella

Bachelor of Engineering,
Madurai Kamaraj University (India).
Graduate Diploma in System Analysis,
National University of Singapore.
Course Deployment: American High School Diploma Curriculum Grade 1 to Grade 12

Bryan Michael Robers

Diploma in Social Sciences (Counselling),
SwinBurne University.
Scope of Duties: Monitoring and administration

Our Staff


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