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Our Singapore Private School Fee Structure

At TLS Academy, we offer affordable value-for-money individualised and holistic education without compromising on quality.

We encourage parents to fulfil their financial commitments to the school faithfully and promptly for the effective support of the programme.

For a clear understanding of our school fees, please refer to the following:

Singapore Private School Fees Structure | TLS Academy

Course Fees

It is important that parents fulfil their financial commitments to the school faithfully and promptly for the effective support of the programme

Fees Breakdown

Total Payable SGD (with GST, if any)

Enrolment Fee

SGD 1,000.00

Annual School Fee

SGD 12,000.00

Total Course Fees Payable:

SGD 13,000.00

No. of Instalments:


Miscellanous Fees

Miscellaneous fees refer to any non-compulsory fee which the students pay only when it is applicable to them

Purpose of Fee

Amount SGD (with GST, if any)

Registration Fee (Applies to first year students only)

SGD 500.00

Enrolment Fee (Applies to first year students only)

SGD 1,000.00

Drama Class (Optional)

SGD 30.00 per lesson

Learning Support (Optional)

SGD 1,000.00 per month

Other CCA (Co-Curricular Activities)

SGD 10 - SGD 100

Field Trip (Local)

SGD 10 - SGD 100

Field Trip (Overseas)


Late Payment Fee

SGD 50.00

Diagnostic Test

SGD 100.00

Material Fee

SGD 960.00 per year

School T-Shirt

SGD 50.00

Instalment Schedule

The annual fee is broken into 6 bi-monthly instalments

Instalment Schedule

Amount SGD (with GST, if any)

Due Date

1st Instalment


31st Dec 2021

2nd Instalment


28th Feb 2022

3rd Instalment


30th Apr 2022

4th Instalment


30th Jun 2022

5th Instalment


31st Aug 2022

6th Instalment


31st Dec 2022


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Fee Protection Scheme

TLS Academy adopts the FPS insurance scheme to protect students’ fees and ensures that it complies with the requirements stated in CPE’s Fee Protection Scheme Instruction Manual.

The FPS serves to protect students’ fees in the event that a Private Education Institution (PEI) is unable to continue operating due to insolvency and/or regulatory closure.

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Payment Mode

Cheque: Crossed cheque payable to “TLS Academy Pte Ltd”
Bank Transfer :
Name of Bank : Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC Bank)
UOB Account No. : 613 878 115 001
Beneficiary Name : TLS Academy Pte Ltd
Please indicate student’s name
UEN : 200904715E or Scan to Pay