TLS Academy

FIND US: 10 Winstedt Road

Block A #02-04, 227977, Singapore

08:00hrs - 18:30hrs

Saturday and Sunday - Closed

TLS Academy Principal's Message

Welcome to TLS Academy! I am humbled by the honour to be part of the process of grooming our children to be leaders of tomorrow.

At TLS Academy, we see every child as a gem, being turned over to us to be polished. Every child is created by God as a unique individual, with specific learning styles. This calls for an approach and a programme that is designed and geared to meet the learning needs of every individual child.

We see potential in every child that comes to us and we endeavour to bring out the very best in him/ her. Our staff is trained to identify the sore points, treat them and then strengthen them. The children eventually become independent learners. They were given fish, but, eventually, they become fishers.

We look forward to partnering with you in bringing up your child to be the leader God has planned him/ her to be, to be the head and not the tail, and to be above and not beneath.

Ms Esther Koh

TLS Academy Principal's Message