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5 Things to Look for in a Private School in Singapore

Choosing a private school is an investment that we make in a child’s education and career. Hence, when choosing a private school in Singapore, it is essential to look for value for money in terms of growth and the overall learning of the child. This article covers the structure of the private education sector in Singapore and some major aspects that one should consider when looking for a private school in Singapore.

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General Overview of Private Education in Singapore

There are about a thousand private schools in Singapore that offer a wide variety of educational programs to local and international students. The private sector contributes to the overall versatility and quality of Singapore’s education system by offering multiple education pathways to both local and international students.

Many private schools follow the same curriculum that is being taught internationally in countries like The United States, Canada, or The United Kingdom. This provides more exposure to the students and helps them at later stages in their higher education and career.

Why Do Private Schools in Singapore Need CPE Registration?

In compliance with the Private Education Act 2009, Singapore has formed the CPE (Committee for Private Education). The purpose of this committee is to monitor and legislate all the private schools in the country.

An Overview of CPE

In order to operate, the regulations defined in this new Act are to be observed by all Private Education Institutes (PEIs). The CPE invited all private schools to seek the EduTrust certification – a scheme to determine which educational institutions are providing high-quality education in Singapore’s private education sector.

Every private school in Singapore is required to be certified by EduTrust if it wants to give placement to international students. The CPE’s mission is to raise the standards in the private education sector through effective regulation, industry development, and consumer education. 

What to Look for in a Private School in Singapore

All parents want the best learning experience for their children. However, they may have different opinions about the characteristics of a great institute. Some people believe that good education is creative and engaging, while others prefer a focused and practical approach. The fact is, there are both types of institutes in Singapore, but there are some key factors that one should consider when making a choice.

The School’s Curriculum and Graduation Requirements

The curriculum followed in a school is undoubtedly one of the most important factors. This is because it is how we determine what the student will be capable of after graduating. A good private school in Singapore will follow an effective curriculum that will incorporate a variety of learning styles and consider the capabilities of each individual student. 

With a small number of students in each class and more individual attention, a curriculum should be such that it promotes critical thinking and develops curiosity and a love for learning new things.

At the same time, the curriculum should prepare students for multiple career pathways and inspire them to choose one of their interests. To measure the student’s learning, the curriculum should include such assessments that do not simply rank the students but motivate them to do better, creating a sense of accountability. 

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The Quality of The Faculty

The quality of an institution’s faculty plays an extremely vital role in the academic success of its students. According to research by John Hattie and the State of Student Success and Engagement global study, student achievement is greatly impacted by the quality of the instructor. 

A student feels more motivated to learn when the teacher is directly involved with a student’s progress and provides individual support and attention.

In this digital era, it can be a challenge for both students and faculty to continue having these interactions, but a good institute will invest in the professional and personal development of the educators so that they can follow some best practices for staying connected with their students. 

Hence, when choosing the best private school in Singapore, one must consider the faculty as they are the people who will inspire the students the most.

Overall Culture

Another aspect that should be considered is the overall culture of the school. The best choice would be a student-centered school. This means that every policy and decision will be based on the betterment of the students. 

The culture of the school should be such that every student feels safe, secure, and welcome. The environment should be free of harassment, bullying, and discrimination so that every individual feels valued and supported by the staff, teachers, supervisors, and co-students. The school should have policies that protect every student and should take timely action in case a student is facing any difficulties.

To develop love and compassion among students, some good private schools also organize volunteering activities in which students help the community in one way or the other. 


Apart from the people, the learning environment also consists of classrooms, playgrounds, buildings, labs, and other equipment. All of these contribute to the overall learning experience of a student. If a school has a quality infrastructure in place, then the students are more likely to produce good outcomes. Here are some of the factors that make a school’s infrastructure attractive and motivating:

  • Resources for talent development: this includes providing well-equipped spaces to students for sports, entertainment, and cultural learning.
  • Resources for practical learning: this includes the provision of information technology and science laboratories, libraries, and other spaces where children can practice what they learn in classrooms.
  • Overall comfort for staff, teachers, and students: this means that the spaces provided to students and teachers should have proper ventilation, lighting, water, sanitary resources, and temperature control. Such factors do not only prevent children from diseases, but also motivate them to focus and give their best. This was further proven by a studyconducted in the U.K, in which the academic progress of students varied by 16% depending on the infrastructural elements in the school. 

Therefore, a good school in Singapore will ensure that the best infrastructure is provided to the students to promote learning and fulfilling the purpose and vision of the students as well as the institute.

Adherence to Local Regulations

The government of Singapore has developed a regulatory framework that enables all private schools in Singapore to follow a proper guide to operate. The primary mission of these rules and regulations is to ensure that all private schools maintain a quality standard of education and other learning facilities that they are providing. Therefore, a school that adheres to these regulations is less likely to compromise on the education, facilities, and environment that is offered to the students.

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Useful Information and Contacts

When studying in Singapore, a student may require assistance for multiple reasons from different bodies. For this purpose, different government agencies are specifically formed to advise and assist the students in the country. Here are some of the contacts that may come in handy.

Essential Contacts and Websites of Public Services

Ministry of Education (MOE) 
Telephone: (65) 6872 2220 

The Association of Private Schools and Colleges Singapore (APSC) 
Telephone: (65) 6351 7805 

Making the Final Decision

When searching for schools in Singapore, the number of options may be quite exciting, and it may be difficult to choose the one that fits perfectly with your requirements. A good practice would be to list down all the aspects, including the ones listed in this article, that are important for the student and opt for the one that ticks the most checkboxes.

It is essential to know the regulations that private schools are compelled to follow, as well as the overall learning environment that a school is offering to fully be able to consider all options to make an informed decision.

Here at TLS Academy, the management, staff, and faculty together make sure that all the key points mentioned above have been catered to and that every student gets an affordable yet fulfilling learning experience.