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Top 5 Benefits of Accelerated Christian Education – ACE

The Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) program aims to empower parents and churches to educate students through a curriculum that helps them excel academically. At the same time, it also cultivates a Biblical Worldview.

The Accelerated Christian Education Program provides a comprehensive, self-guided curriculum incorporating biblical teachings and moral values with academic content from kindergarten to high school.

Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) | TLS Academy Private Institution

The Purpose of School of Tomorrow

The Accelerated Christian Education School of Tomorrow program is used to teach and train students in classrooms and at home in countries all over the globe. The Accelerated Christian Education program includes a K-12 curriculum, student programs, and teacher education, all based on the Bible. It is designed uniquely to efficiently aid students’ growth from their development up to their adolescent years.

A God-centered, absolute, and loving environment is ideal for a student’s mental and moral growth. They come out of it having a more positive outlook on life and a deeper, more complete understanding of God and His will for their future.

What is Accelerated Christian Education – ACE Curriculum

The Accelerated Christian Education program provides a well-rounded education incorporating Biblical principles in goal setting, reading, and character development. This inclusive curriculum starts with simple reading and writing exercises. It continuously improves as the lessons become part of the required courses and electives for the primary and secondary levels.

Students can learn at their own pace without being left behind with Accelerated Christian Education’s self-instructional Packets of the A.C.E. Curriculum (PACEs). PACEs are textbooks with lessons and worksheets that students will answer. Advanced learners may move quickly through subjects in which they excel, while slower learners are given as much time as they need to master more difficult concepts. As they each progress at their own pace, students will learn everything they need to know academically and biblically.

Benefits of Accelerated Christian Education – ACE Curriculum

Following the globally successful Accelerated Christian Education program with a Christian ethos, the benefits to students are extensive. Here are some of the additional benefits that students achieve as a result of Accelerated Christian Education.

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Bible-Based Worldview

Biblical teachings and ideas are integrated into every lesson in the curriculum. Every lesson is taught from a Biblical worldview, helping students learn critical thinking and be able to discern the truth.

From a Christian’s perspective, The Word of God provides the foundation for a worldview that cannot be shaken. God, as the maker of heaven and earth, stands as the pinnacle of truth. God has boundless potential and absolute knowledge and is unmovable. Having a biblical worldview is crucial because it is the only true worldview.

Those who teach from a biblical worldview give students a real insight into the world as God created it. A biblical worldview is reliable in improving students’ perspectives and helping them see the world through the lens of God’s love and compassion.

Individualized Learning

Students are distinct from each other and have unique skills and talents. A student can work at their own pace in all subjects. For instance, a student can master Math in fifth grade, English in the sixth, and History in the seventh and be at their best without being compared to each other. With PACEs, assessing a student’s current skill level and understanding becomes a lot easier.

Though some students breeze through their work and others struggle, the curriculum helps students to progress at their own pace without being judged and compared with their peers. The curriculum covers grades 1 to 12. Hence, students are guided from primary to secondary level.

Mastery Learning

The Accelerated Christian Education system is based on the principle that learning should progress progressively, with each new set of materials being mastered before moving on to the next.

In a traditional classroom without Accelerated Christian Education, when a student fails a test, the teacher and the rest of the class move on to the next chapter, even though there are many parts of the curriculum, particularly assessments, that the student needs to address.

In the Accelerated Christian Education program, students learn the value of perseverance in studying their lessons. Because of this, they will be more motivated to find out how they learn best and employ that method to prepare for the exam.

Christian Characters

Character development is a primary goal of the Accelerated Christian Education program. The program will help the students to grow in honoring God and showing compassion to their peers by teaching them to exhibit character traits found in the Bible, primarily centered on love, kindness, and honesty.

The learning materials feature cartoons and entertaining stories with characters that can serve as positive examples for the students. The characters in the stories will grow alongside the students as they read them. The characters will help set great examples of kindness for the students, helping them grow into unique individuals with their skills and good values.

Helps with Goal Setting and Time Management

By establishing and working toward daily objectives, students in the Accelerated Christian Education program gain experience in managing their time effectively and completing specialized projects on schedule. Accelerated Christian Education graduates testify to this as a life-changing takeaway they employ daily in their professional and academic pursuits.

Students are expected to complete 12 PACEs per subject per year, or roughly one PACE every three weeks over a 36-week school year. The student is responsible for establishing daily objectives and must factor in study days before examinations.

Accelerated Christian Education Leads to Holistic Development

The Accelerated Christian Education Program offered by TLS Academy molds students’ mental capabilities and good morals. The curriculum is designed to produce intellectually and morally competitive graduates with 21st-century skills. Students excel academically and develop skills while transforming into morally responsible individuals through PACEs.

With the use of PACEs, students gain a bible-based worldview with Christian characters as their model of virtues and values. Through individualized mastery learning centered on Christian principles, students become effective in priority and time management, making them capable of achieving their goals.

Enroll your children in TLS Academy and make them academically capable and Christ-like individuals equipped with skills and fundamental core values.